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Tom DeBlass was the first athlete to work with Gabbr and this is the first Tom DeBlass NFT (which we call the Genesis edition). It provides owners with full access to Tom through a private message channel available only to holders of this Genesis edition NFT. In that channel, Tom shares BJJ insights, tips and techniques.

Holders also enjoy the following additional benefits: 

1) Life-time, free access to all Tom’s seminars.  2) A recorded birthday video message from Tom.  3) Once a year (after holding for 6 months) Tom will share an Instagram story from each NFT holder (or mention the NFT holder in his own Instagram story). 
4) Whitelisted for all future NFT projects Tom launches and any future NFT collaborations Tom pursues with other BJJ athletes.

The price of the Genesis NFT is $2000 with a total supply cap of 100. You can sell your NFT, but you would also be selling your access to the private community and all the above mentioned perks. Payment is through crypto (Ethereum) or US Dollars (in which case we will do the minting for you and place the NFT into your crypto wallet).