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If builds a private community for an athlete, it is usually accessible through the purchase of an NFT. If you do not own the NFT, you will not be granted access to the private community. 

You must be 18 years or older to participate in a Gabbr community. The community discord software will require confirmation of your 18+ age status. will ensure that the links to each private community are all in proper working order, and if there are technical issues with a private community platform, will troubleshoot the issue(s) to have it/them fixed in a timely manner. 

Once a community is launched, the NFT holders will have direct engagement with the athlete around whom the community has been built. The style and frequency of the content shared with the NFT holders is fully dependent on the athlete. Gabbr has no connection to, control over, or responsibility for the content shared in a Gabbr community. will provide a moderator for each community whose role is to maintain the behavioral and content posting guidelines for each community. See Rules for more information.

All sales are final and no refunds will be provided.  

Each NFT owner is free to sell their NFT on OpenSea. Selling an NFT also sells the access to the private community, which transfers to the new NFT owner. Some communities limit NFT sales to 1 per person, but others do not. Those terms will be made clear for each specific community at the time of purchase.