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Introducing the Tom DeBlass TD22 NFT

TD22 Common
TD22 Super Rare

Jiu-jitsu champion, professional fighter, and world-class coach, Tom DeBlass became a hero in the martial arts community for his blue collar roots and no excuses approach to life. Today, he heads dozens of academies and has coached elite athletes such as world champion Garry Tonon. He’s also the creator of some of the most popular jiu-jitsu instructionals in the world. 

The TD22 allows you the chance to have Tom be your coach, by reviewing your match videos and providing his honest feedback designed to help you expand your BJJ skills and proficiency. Most people who buy the TD22 will receive the “common” version (white shorts), but some will get the “super rare” version (red shorts).  Both are randomly generated upon purchase, there is no way to choose which version you receive. If you get a super rare, you will be allowed to upload 1 additional match video for Tom to critique.