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All Gabbr communities list the rules by which their members must abide. 

The host (person around whom the community is formed) has total discretion on how often he/she posts content and what content is posted. Gabbr has no control of or input on the content that each athlete/ community host chooses to share, and as such Gabbr is not responsible for any content shared in a community. With that said, we do not allow X-rated content, conspiracy theories, or hate content of any kind to be shared in any Gabbr community, and reserve the right to shut a community down if we find evidence of any such material.  

Gabbr and each individual host/athlete has the power to remove someone from the community if that person does not follow the community’s behavioral or content guidelines. If someone is removed – or a community is shut down – for violating content rules, there will be no refunds issued.