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Introducing...The First Kendall Marie Reusing NFT

Common (200 total)
Rare (49 total)
Super Rare (1 total)


– Buyers will be randomly assigned an NFT from the three versions above.
– There is a total combined supply of 250 & no limit to the quantity one person can buy (some buyers may want to increase their odds of getting a rare or the super rare by buying more than one).   
– The price is $50 per NFT. 
– The NFT will be released on the Polygon Blockchain and can be purchased either with MATIC (the crypto currency of the Polygon blockchain) or US Dollars.
– There is a $7.50 convenience fee added to the price when paying with USD, which covers the work of manually minting and deploying the NFT to your crypto wallet. 
– People buying with crypto will have their NFT deployed to their crypto account automatically upon purchase. People buying with US Dollars will have their NFT deployed to their crypto wallet manually by a Gabbr team member within 48 hours.   


– The NFT sale will begin Wednesday Sep 21, at 3pm EST. 
– The sale will end Sunday, Sep 25 at 8pm (or when the NFTs sell out, whichever comes first).


Every NFT purchased is randomly assigned a number from 1-250. At the conclusion of the NFT sale, we will randomly draw a number between 1-250. The person whose NFT number matches the number we draw, will win a signed hoodie from Kendall.